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  1. Ask questions to validate their knowledge.

    • For any purchase you’re making, you should always do some research before buying something. Check your paint options out there, application methods, etc. Use your findings to ask valuable questions and see how that custom paint shop responds.

  2. View previous work they have done.

    • Use Google Maps and Social Media to view pictures of previous work. You can tell a lot from a business that posts a lot of their work online. This is an indication of pride and confidence.

  3. Analyze their Business’s online presence.

    • Again, if you use Google Maps and Social Media platforms to see how consistent they are posting and interacting with their audience. Also, check if they have all of their business’s information published and easy to access. These are indications that the business is always active with new customers and cares about their experience with the business.

  4. Cleanliness

    • Also by reviewing their online pictures through Google Maps and Social Media. A clean shop is an indication that they are organized and structured. You can rest a sure they’ll provide the same on your work.

  5. Reviews will tell you everything

    • Last but not least, read their reviews on Google Maps and Social Media (Facebook). The best part about these thrid-party platforms is that the business(s) can’t manipulate the reviews. The customers have full control of what they write and what stays visible to the audience.


  • House of Kolor Prestigious Painters Award

  • 4 New England Motorcycle Expo Awards

  • MA Army National Guard Outstanding Supporter

  • Masscar Annual Model Exposition

  • Toys for Tots Supporter Appreciation

  • 15 World of Wheels Awards

  • Bike Expo -1st Place, Best in Class


Krazy Kustoms is the premier Custom Painting, Prototype & Cerakote facility in the Massachusetts area.

Located in Wilmington, MA, our crew can handle any Painting or coating customization project, whether it’s a Fire Arm that needs the unique look or a one of prototype, we will deliver with professional results.

With a combined 23 years experience of custom paintwork, we strive to be the best in the industry with our quality, award-winning paint jobs, and dependable service. Krazy Kustoms guarantees you’ll be satisfied with your one-off custom paint job, prototype or cerakote coating.

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